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The Nordic market leading solution for e-signing of documents.

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Who uses Scrive

A killer sales tool.

95% of our paying customers use Scrive to improve sales.

Close deals faster

25% of the contracts that are sent for signatures and are signed, are done so within 8 minutes, 50% are signed within 2 hours and 75% within 25 hours.

Shorten cycle time

Our customers report an average decrease of their documents signing cycle of 2-4 weeks when distance signing.

Increase conversion

Compared to sending paper, customers are twice as likely to sign.

Improved customer satisfaction

Some common feedback after using Scrive e-signing is "wow!" and "thanks for saving my time".

By connecting signing and archiving, our customers safeguard the quality of the services they provide in a revolutionary way.

- Dag Brodin, VP Legal, Norstedts Juridik, Scrive reseller.

Better than paper

Scrive is dedicated to delivering the highest quality digital evidence in the world.
How do we compare to other signing methods?

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