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The Power of Scrive: Part 2

by lukas on 2012-01-31

How would you like closing 36% of your deals within 1h and 67% within 24h? Not possible? If you are average, that's how your expected closing time looks like using Scrive. Read more ›

The Power of Scrive: Part 1

by lukas on 2012-01-23

What closing rate do you have on your contracts and tenders? Is it 10%, 20% or 30%. We dug deep into our statistics and found that 49% of all documents sent through Scrive get signed. Read more ›

Global or local, how big is your market?

by lukas on 2011-08-23

MediaEvolution is taking place in Malmö on the 24-25th August, adressing the area of innovation and growth where different mediachannels meet. Scrive´s Emily Green was asked to give her take on the theme "How big is your market". Read more ›

Hello world!

by lukas on 2011-07-05

Swedish startup Scrive makes digital verified signatures for legal papers, first named SkrivaPå.se, as the name suggests "sign the dotted line" or simply "sign". Read more ›