Environmental Policy


Scrive develops software that help our clients decrease their environmental impact. But we don’t think that’s enough. We also want to lead by example!

Scrive shall promote environmental awareness and all employees to prioritize and consider the environment in their daily work. Our environmental impact shall be minimal and we work actively to make the environmental thinking permeate the business.

By complying with this policy, we want to set a good example and inspire a more active environmental awareness and environmental choices among our employees and other organizations. We do this by:

  1. Prioritizing the purchase of eco-labelled products and services.
  2. Considering the transportation options with the least negative impact on the environment and prioritize the most environmentally friendly type of transportation, preferably eco-labelled passenger and freight transport.
  3. Generally promote and advocate an environmental approach both for companies and for individuals.

Purchasing Policy

Scrive should always give priority to purchase products and services that are eco-labelled. This applies to for example copy paper, computers, coffee, batteries, electricity, light bulbs, cleaning services, hotels, etc.