Privacy Policy


All information You share with Scrive or its Services is handled with the highest caution possible and the security of the contents is of the highest priority to Scrive. Your integrity is important to us.

A description of how your data is handled by Scrive follows below. If you have further questions please contact Scrive at

1. Retailing or sharing of data

Scrive will not sell, rent out or lend, or in any other way share data that you have provided to Scrive through the service or in any other way to a to a Third-party except for in those cases regulated by the Terms Of Service or your written approval. This applies both to information collected through the service and information shared with Scrive though your contact with us by other means.

2. Browser information in the homepage

Scrive continuously analyses its logs from the webserver for the purpose of evaluating and developing the service. The logs are handled with the same caution and secrecy as all other information in the service. Our servers also identify the user’s IP-addresses. An IP-address is a number that a computer is given automatically when connecting to the internet. We use the IP-address to identify the service users, analyse trends, register user movements and gather statistical data. The signing parties’ IP-addresses are displayed in the verification certificate for extra security and as an extra identification service to the parties.

3. Information storage

Contracts, quotes and other documents that users entrust to Scrive remain confidential. The options Scrive offers for storage of documents meet the highest standards of data integrity and security.

4. Communication

One of the basics of the service is to provide the requisite confidentiality and data integrity. Therefore, all communication between the user and the service’s Web page is secured with digital certificates for encryption of data exchanged and to ensure that it is Scrives service that the user is using.

5. Usage of Cookies

Scrive uses cookies to simplify the user’s login and account management. These cookies will not be sold, rented or loaned, or otherwise shown to third parties. Furthermore, the browser does not give access to such cookies to sites other than Scrives unless the user have given their explicit permission to do so.