Scrive for Salesforce Spring 17 Update

Our Scrive for Salesforce App has received a new Spring update today!

1. Admin Panel

With the new Admin Panel, you are now able to create and add Salesforce users as Scrive users without having to log into Scrive.

The created users do not need to go through the Configuration process and can instantly start e-signing through Scrive.

The new page “Admin Panel”, also gives a new admin the ability to create a Scrive Account directly from Salesforce.

Now you can:

  • Create a new Scrive account or connect an existing account directly from Salesforce
  • Add new Salesforce users to Scrive directly from within Salesforce
  • Overview all your connected accounts
How to sign in to existing account:

Step 1 – Go to the “Scrive Admin Panel.”

Step 2 – Click “Sign in.”
Step 3 – Enter your Scrive Account ID (contact Scrive for your ID if you do not have access to it)

2. Deletion of Pages

Following our latest update of the Scrive Platform, we are now enabling the option to remove pages in a Scrive template before sending.

As an admin, you can define the pages to be deleted while the document is in draft stage. The feature is enabled as follow:

Url Parameter using ScriveProcessTemplate

For example:

Same parameter and syntax applies for the Send Scrive Document from Url parameters


We also added a new button on the Scrive Document page layout named “Remove Pages” that is enabled via the Custom Settings.

The remove pages feature applies only to Scrive Document in status “Draft”, and that makes use of Scrive Template.

3. Global Methods

A developer wants to make use of methods implemented in the Scrive package such as Forward, Send Reminder…
In the new release, these methods are set as global, so they can be used by the local platform.

Here is the list of methods that are exposed:

Action – Method name – Parameters

Restart a documentrestartId documentId: the Salesforce Scrive Document Id

Send a remindersendReminderId documentId: the Salesforce Scrive Document Id

Withdraw a documentwithdrawId documentId: the Salesforce Scrive Document Id

Delete a documentdeleteId documentId: the Salesforce Scrive Document Id

Forward a signed documentforwardId documentId: the Salesforce Scrive Document Id String[] emails: list of emails to forward document

Each of these methods returns a new global class called ScriveDocumentResult. This class has following parameters:
Boolean isSuccess or String errorMessage

Smashed Bugs

4.1SMS is being overwritten to email

When Document is in a draft state, delivery method set to email, when one tries to edit and change to SMS, it gets overridden to Email.

4.2 Optional Party on Process Template

When using a Scrive Template with multiple parties and creating a Scrive Document from a Scrive Process Template and optional parties, the optional parties are not removed from Scrive Document.

4.3 Issue with Invitation Message

Set the Invitation Message to a regular text area instead of a rich text area.

4.4 Error when sending reminder

The system is showing an error message when a reminder is sent (even if the reminder is properly sent from Scrive). The issue is fixed.

Scrive Update – January 2017

“New year new me”, time for a new Scrive Update tomorrow Saturday 28th of January.

We have been working hard during Christmas and January to start the new year strong.

Here is what’s new:

– Even faster-signing experience

We put a lot of pride in having the best and smoothest signing experience on the market.
To stay on top, we are continuing our improvements in speed and efficiency.

Our fantastic engineers have reworked the signing and sealing at the end of each process, and the result is up to 4 (!!) times faster than before. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself below.

– SMS Previews in iOS are now awesome

SMS invitations sent to iOS 10 devices now display a preview of the document.
If the document workflow has “Authenticate to View” set, a generic “locked” preview is displayed instead.

– Touch ID when authenticating with Swedish BankID

A user can now use Touch ID on iOS devices when authenticating to view a document using Swedish BankID.

– Delete pages in a document

It is now possible to remove individual pages in a document or a template before sending the document.

This added flexibility becomes extra powerful when used through our API or Salesforce Application (will be added in next release).

For example, you might have a product with different add-on options in various appendixes.
Up until now when using “Scrive templates”, you needed to create a separate template for each combination of pages, which for obvious reasons grows exponentially.

Now all those pages can reside in the same “Scrive template”, and you can dynamically remove pages depending on what the customer buys.


Just set up one template and modify it depending on what you need.

And some smashed bugs:

2529: Wrong status for part

Fix a bug where the document signatory state was sometimes not correctly displayed when there was a delivery problem.

2536: BankID now opens automatically

Fixed a bug where Swedish BankID app would not open when trying to authenticate to view a document.

2550: Wrong email address in modal when email delivery fails

Fix a bug that caused the wrong email address to be displayed when changing the email address for a signatory after the document was sent.

90: Improved error modal in Sign View

Improved error messages in sign view to help users debug issues when using API V2.

Next upgrade is on the 11th of February

Scrive Salesforce Update – Version 4.19

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We have updated our Salesforce app with new functionality, and it is available to update from the Salesforce Appexchange to download and upgrade.

As always, we strongly recommend installing and testing the updated version in your Sandbox environment before upgrading your production instance.

Our administrator guide has also been updated to include these new changes and how to use them.

New in this release:

Restart Scrive documents from within Salesforce

A user can now restart a document directly from within Salesforce by clicking the “Restart” button on the Scrive Document page layout.

Restart is useful if, for example, the email address that was defined was incorrect. In those cases, the user can now withdraw the document with the incorrect email and then restart the process and update the email address without losing the rest of the document and signatory settings.

Additional Document statuses

You are now able to get the full history of a Scrive document within Salesforce.
As an admin, you can enable an hourly batch update (from the Scrive Configuration tab) all document events on the Scrive Document page layout.

Events include the following:
* Email/SMS sent
* Email/SMS delivered
* Email opened
* Document opened/viewed

Improved Debugging for Administrators

It is now possible to register an email address (under the Scrive Configuration settings) that will receive debug logs whenever an update of a business object fails.

Unfortunately, the promised feature of adding and removing users directly from within Salesforce is not part of this release. But we are expecting on shipping this in the next release that is planned for the end of January.

Until next time,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Scrive in Salesforce = Lightning Ready

Our Salesforce package is up for a new update, and this time we have been working on making the package Lightning ready plus adding two new features.

– Lightning Ready

The Scrive package has been redesigned to match the Lighting user experience.
The following processes are now Lightning Ready:

– Scrive Configuration

– Configuration of Users + Administration of the Package
– Scrive Document

– Creation & View layout

– Scrive Process Template – Creation & View layout.

– Configure a Scrive Document via URL parameters

To increase the flexibility and to enhance the possibility of integrating our package with other systems, we now allow you to create documents by providing a set of URL parameters to a specially prepared VisualForce page.

The VF page has a set of parameters that allows to fully configure a Scrive Document from Main Document, Parties to Scrive Attachments.

For the full list of parameters and a guide on how to configure a document, we refer to our Admin Guide that can be downloaded from our App site on Salesforce Appexchange.

That is all for this release

Next release is set for a mid December launchand will include the following updates:

  • Restart signing process from Salesforce
  • Scrive Account/User administration in Salesforce
  • Migration from API V1 to V2
  • Support for all document Statuses (sent, delivered, opened etc.) in Salesforce
  • Improved logging for Administrators



November Update

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We have a big release coming up this Saturday, and there is a lot to talk about.

If you’re short on time, here is a tl;dr summary:

  • API Version 2 release with new documentation
    API Version 1 will be supported until the end of 2017.
  • Two new sizes of checkboxes and new design
    Checkboxes will be updated with two new sizes and a new design.
  • Highlighting of document during signing and new top bar
    For in-person signing, there will now be a highlighting pen available to use during the contract review process.
  • Ability to see requested attachments in Sign View
    It will be possible to see uploaded attachments in sign view before signing a document.
  • Small update to email layout
    Invitation and confirmation emails will get a layout update to make the custom message clearer.

Note that all features are always available using our API. To understand how to use all new (and current) features, read the API Documentation or use our API Explorer.

API Version 2 released with new documentation

We are now releasing the new version of our API.
Version 2 contains the following improvements:

  • A new naming structure for API endpoints
  • Changes to the JSON data structures
  • Changes to parameters and their names
  • More comprehensive documentation
  • Better error messages

All of the above will make our API more intuitive to use and a lot easier to debug.

New documentation can be found at

Checkboxes – New design and sizes

Our checkboxes are getting a makeover with a new design, and two additional sizes. The size is “small” by default and will stay the same on all existing documents. For a more mobile-friendly signing experience we are now adding “Medium” and “Large.”

Apart from adding two more sizes, the checkboxes are now in SVG so they look crisp on retina displays and we are also giving them more color so they “pop” more in the document. The color is set to your branding profile so that the Mandatory checkboxes will have the same color as the arrow (main color in branding) and the optional boxes will have the secondary color in your branding profile.

After signing, the checkboxes will be black and white in the signed document.

Checkboxes on a signed document

Highlighting of documents and a new “top bar.”

Our focus on digital retail continues with the addition of our latest premium feature: highlighting.

Since Scrive is used during the process when our customer signs up their customer, the review process of the contract during signing is essential for a great customer experience. We are therefore adding a “highlighting pen” as a tool to add clarification to certain key parts of the contract before signing.

Together with this release we are also adding a bar that will hold the zoom controls and the controls for highlighting. The bar will also tell you the document name and in which state you see it.

After the document has been signed, the highlighting will remain on the sealed PDF and the events created by highlighting will be stored in the evidence log of the signed document.

Evidence log of a signed document with highlighting

Initially, this feature will only be available for in-person signing, and the highlighting is done by the author of the document, regardless of who is in the signing process.

To get access to highlighting, please contact Scrive support.

See Requested Attachments in SignView from prior signatories

It will now be possible for all parties to see the uploaded attachment by a previous signatory before they sign.

For example, let’s say party 1 must submit a copy of their driving license, and you have set yourself as party 2. Before you sign, you might want to verify that “signatory 1” uploaded a picture of their driver’s license before you sign yourself.

As you can see in this picture, “John Doe” uploaded the attachment “ID Card” during the signing process and party two (Axel Talmet) can review it before signing.

Bye bye pixels! New crisp SVG arrows for retina displays and sharper documents

We will update our beloved arrows to use SVG icons instead of PNGs to get rid of all the ugly pixels. Small but great update!

Not a pixel in sight!

We are also increasing the resolution of the documents in sign-view to make them even sharper.

Small update to email layout

To make your message clearer when inviting someone to sign over email, we have made a small but significant update to the email invitation and confirmation message.

The custom message is no longer in italic, and we will move the “instructions text” below the custom message and make it bold to be clearer.

You can add a custom message in the same place as before:

Add your custom message under “Other settings” in the design view of a document or a template.

That’s everything for this release.
The next upgrade is scheduled for the 3rd of December.


Release Notes – Salesforce Update, September 2016

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On Monday the 26th of September we are back with an update for our powerful Salesforce application, with new features and functionality. Besides this update, we have the rest of the year planned with even more releases, to provide the most comprehensive eSign experience available on the Salesforce platform.

Update for Scrive Process Templates

– Link to Configure an Object page

Configure an Object page can be now easily accessed by clicking “Configure an Object” button in the Scrive Configuration tab.

– Send with one click

If during the Process Template creation, the “Bypass draft creation” checkbox is ticked, the user will be able to send the document directly from the related object page (e.g. Opportunity) without the need to visit the document detail page.

This option does not have to be enabled at the Process Template creation. It can be enabled at any moment by editing Process Template at step 3.

General updates

– Ability to add related object’s attachment as an attachment

When manually sending the document user can now use Salesforce attachments as a Scrive Document attachments by choosing “Attachment” from the picklist in Select Scrive Attachment section at the bottom of the page.

– Visual force attachments

When manually sending the document user can use Visual Force page as an attachment by choosing “Visual Force” from the picklist in Select Scrive Attachment section at the bottom of the page.

– Forward signed documents

Users can now forward the signed document to any e-mail by clicking the Forward button on the Document Detail page. The button is only available when a document is signed. Draft/Sent documents cannot be forwarded. The default value of the text field is an e-mail address of the first signatory.


– Custom settings exposed in Scrive Configuration

Admins can now easily access and edit the Custom settings by clicking “Custom settings” button in the Scrive Configuration tab. Which means that you now can access the advanced settings easier.

Upcoming features Q3/Q4 2016

  • Mobile App completely Salesforce1 ready
  • Lightning design

Salesforce Update

Today we updated our Salesforce application in the AppExchange.

This update contains a lot of squashing of some nasty bugs that we came across during our latest test.

  • Various small bugs
  • Configuration of an object
  • Process template optimizations
  • Salesforce1 fixes
  • Introduced an advanced admin guide (under details in AppExchange)
  • New custom field for administrators

We are also introducing a new custom field “Scrive Administrator” in order to extend Admin access to the Scrive Configuration Panel.

If you already have our package installed, you should be notified inside your admin panel about the update.

Otherwise, you can download the latest package here.

Release “Italy 17”

Improved user experience for signing with Swedish BankID on mobile

We have made a significant change on how we handle the signing process on mobile with BankID.

Previous when a customer signs a document using BankID on mobile, they are taken to the Swedish BankID application to sign the document. After signing the user had to go back to the signing page to finalising the signing.

This, unfortunately, caused some confusion because it wasn’t apparent that you had to go back to sign the document.

So starting now, we are finalising the signing process as soon as we get the callback from BankID that the user has completed the BankID signing. That means even if a user doesn’t return to the signing page after finalising the signing in the BankID app, the document will still be signed.

We will now take the screenshot as soon as the user initiates the BankID signing and before leaving the sign view to catch the intent of signing.

Next update and the last for the summer will take place on the 2nd of July.


Release Germany 16 – “the ZOOM release”


We are – back at it again – with a production upgrade.

This time, we named the sprint after the great country of Germany.
As we all know, Germans love Swedish culture and our elk signs.

More so, Germans also happened to like Swedish technology and Scrive. We have a number of German clients using our platform to empower their businesses in their day-to-day operations.

To celebrate this friendship, we have some big news for this release.

– Zooming the document

Today we are introducing a new way to zoom the document. Before today’s release, the entire web page was zoomed when “Pinching” which could cause some complications. For example, if you were zoomed in you were not able to sign the document and was asked to zoom out before you could sign.
The reason behind this was that you would zoom in the entire page, which included the drawing area itself, making it very hard to draw your signature.

Starting today, if you are signing a document on a screen that has a width below 1200px, you will see a new zoom control on the right-hand side of the screen. When using the zoom control, only the container with the document will be zoomed in. This means that you now can sign the document even when you are fully zoomed in.

Zoom controls on the right pane

We have added a zoom control on the right pane with a plus and minus sign for zooming. This also means that “pinch to zoom” has been disabled. It is a trade-off that we made because “pinch to zoom” works very different depending on what device and browser are being used, making it tough to develop, maintain and test.

No more “You need to zoom out to sign the document” messages.

As you can see below, the document is zoomed in but the drawing area is not.
It works this well because we only zoom in the container of the document and not the whole page itself, thus improving the user experience significantly.

– Smart arrows

Together with the new zooming we also released a new more intelligent arrow that will be your trusted guide wherever and no matter how zoomed in you are. The arrow now moves 360 degrees and will always point you to the next action.

Just look at this beauty below.

We are back with another production upgrade on the 11th of June.



Scrive upgrade – Spain 15

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This Saturday we did an upgrade of the Scrive platform.

This release we named after the beautiful country Spain. In Spain, we have several customers using our platform to serve customers across the country for various use cases.

– Option to reject document without a reason

It is now possible to set up a workflow so that the signer may dismiss the document without having to write an essay about it.
This is valuable for anyone that may want to handle the reasons on their own inside their app or just want a smoother workflow.

To remove the reason for reject you set that under the signing page settings.

– Add event for mandatory checkbox on the verification page

We added an event on the verification page for when the mandatory checkbox has been checked.

Upcoming features

Here are some new things we are working on right now.

  • Close documents in the background when signing with Swedish BankID
  • Improved zooming of documents on small screen devices
  • New and improved API documentation for our upcoming release of our new API (v2). (API version 1 will be supported for a foreseeable future)
  • Public roadmap

We are back on the 28th of May for our next upgrade.

Let me know if you have any input or want to share your experience using Scrive.