Instant e-signing for Point of Sale

Effortless in-store experience and real-time data extraction.
Start e-signing with real customers in weeks, not years.

Avis brought Scrive to the Fortune 500.

Using a combination of Scrive for POS and Scrive’s API, Avis Budget Group transformed their customer experience at hundreds of retail locations across Europe, and Scrive managed the whole process. It was our first Fortune 500 case, but not our last. Now their customers, franchisees, and corporate headquarters have everything they need: simplicity, data, and control.

Effortless Digital Transformation

The first time you see Scrive for POS, it can be hard to believe. It can combine several systems into one digital process, without a technical integration project and without changing the process you use today. Scrive for POS can handle your documents and data whether your business is built on an archaic system from 1967, or a beautiful new POS. And you have never had a smoother customer experience. Our fully-managed roll-outs ensure rapid adoption within your organization, while you watch the change happen on your custom dashboard.

Unlock your data

E-signing allows all of your documents to become sources of valuable data. Scrive for POS unlocks that data to make your business smarter. Real-time data allows your sales organisation to learn and adapt instantly. Revenue assurance data helps reduce fraud and make your accounting more reliable than ever. And we can pull that data from systems that don’t even offer an API — an integration that would normally be impossible.

1. Evaluation

The first step is to meet and evaluate your needs and technical environment together.

2. Pilot Project

Start e-signing in a few locations, using your real system and your real customers. Seeing is believing.

3. Go Digital

Scrive manages a full roll-out to your whole retail organization, while you watch the progress on a real-time dashboard.

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