Scrive Online: When integrity matters.

Hässelby Blommor trusts Scrive to serve the Nobel Prize.

After 100 years—4 generations—as a commercial florist, Hässelby Blommor have built trusted relationships with customers like the Nobel Prize, respected architects, and the most prestigious offices in Sweden. Quality and sustainability are in their DNA, and with values like that, Scrive was the perfect choice for the next 100 years.

Trusted in every channel.

At Scrive e-signatures are not just about transactions and workflows. Sure, that’s part of it. But it’s mostly about knowledge. With paper, signatures take time and effort to process, they get lost or delayed, and many people are involved. It’s complicated. With Scrive, all of that happens automatically. You will know more, instantly, so you can make smarter choices. You will shorten your sales cycles significantly, while at the same time being able to track the status of each agreement you send, in real time.

World class legal evidence.

Scrive collects all relevant evidence (including an audit trail and screenshots to provide evidence of intent) from the signing process, and embeds a complete evidence package in each signed PDF. Then we seal the document with a digital signature to prevent tampering and within one month the document is resealed with a keyless digital signature. This assures the infinite integrity of the document independent of any third party (and their private keys). So even if we’re not around in 100 years, your peace of mind will be.

1. Register

Create a Scrive account and log in. You will immediately see the next step.

2. Upload

Add a PDF document from your computer, add info about the signing parties, and choose the settings for the signing experience.

3. Send

Send your document via email, SMS, or sign in person. When everyone signs, you will received the signed, sealed contract automatically.

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